Engine, All New Type 1 1600cc Air-cooled Twin-Port. STD Spec

Engine, All New Type 1 1600cc Air-cooled Twin-Port. Standard Spec
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100% New 1600cc Air-cooledType 1 Twin-Port engine long block.

Built on a brand new Universal Crankcase, suitable for Beetles and bus. This engine is 100% new and features top quality parts throughout. Suitable for Unleaded Fuel.

These engines are built in Ireland to the highest standard and all New built engines are Hot tested and checked for leaks. 

Brand new VW crank shaft.

Brand new Camshaft and VW Cam followers 

Top quality 85.5mm Pistons and barrells

Top quality AutoLiner cylinder heads

SSP I beam conrods

New Push rod tubes

Shadek 26mm Oil pump

All engine are fitted with Steel back bearing, Elring gaskets and built in a brand new Crankcase with a 200mm Flywheel.

No exchange unit  required, just swap all your ancillaries from your old engine to your new long block and its ready to use.

The engine will require running in for the first 1000km and a oil change. Its recommended to change your oil every 4000km. All New built engines are supplied with a 2 year warranty